The Popularity Dialer

Fake a phone call easily and credibly!







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Special thanks to:

This project would not have been possible without the following people:

The project advisors:
Shawn Van Every
Dedi Hubbard
Dan O'Sullivan

The voices of the dialer:
Matt Chmiel (the popularity call)
Steven Jackson (the affirmation call)
Xn Croft (the cousin in need call)

The business card designers:
logo - Gabe Barcia-Colombo
layout - Summer Bedard

The etc's:
John Lu
Michael Delgaudio
Josh Dickens
Lucy K (for allowing us to test with her phone so many times)

People who have helped keep the Popularity Dialer alive with their donations
→Kirk Pitzak
→Matt Burton
→Ramesh Padman
→Jaye Hopkins
→Virgil Morar
→Kim Medzunas
→Greg Day
→Tracey Lee
→Daniel Shiffman
→Ludwig Wittgenstein
→Jim Webb
→KOUROSH kahkeshani
→Maui Momma
→Ben Aroia
→Saundra Holloway
→Arnie Halpern

and those donors who prefer to remain anonymous