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"Since a girl's dormitory mates will glean evidence of her popularity from the calls she
receives on the phone, we can suspect that some girls will arrange for calls to be made."
- Erving Goffman, The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life


Phone calls aren't just for talking anymore

Telephones are typically employed to transmit voice communication between people, but the presence of a phone call can be a powerful tool in communicating ideas about the people on the call as well. A woman who makes a call to her boyfriend to let him know that she is running late to meet him at a party is not only communicating with her boyfriend. While she speaks with him, a residual communication takes place as well. Intentionally or not, while the woman is on the phone she is communicating with everyone in earshot. She is letting those around her know that she a) has a boyfriend and b) is hip enough to be going to a party. In essence, the residual communication of the call shouts out to the world that this woman is a popular individual.

You are a popular person, the world just might not know it yet!

By providing a vehicle to schedule fake and credible phone calls, the Popularity Dialer allows its users to bypass the original intention of a phone call and exploit and amplify the power of a phone call's residual communication. By using the Popularity Dialer service to make several calls at opportune moments, say at work in front of your co-workers or on a hot date, you too can now communicate the idea that you are a popular, awesome individual.

If we examine social software sites like MySpace, we see that people already use technology to manipulate their 'presentation of self' on the web. Users create personas that are enhanced versions of who they are. In creating these upgraded models of themselves, most MySpace users write content that makes them appear hip, trendy, daring, and "in the know" and users "collect" friends to their network as a type of social currency.

While MySpace is great for manipulating one's persona on the net, the Popularity Dialer allows its users to forge social currency and hipness in real time. With the Popularity Dialer, you can gallivant around town, looking like you've got buckets of friends who are dying to hang out with you at the coolest spots. Every time a Popularity Dialer call is placed to your cell, you will appear more awesomely popular. And because people are drawn to those who appear popular, you might actually really become popular!


Have you ever thought about how much more you could achieve if you really believed in yourself? Well, we at have and we think you're great. Plan a Popularity Dialer affirmation call when you need to be reminded and reaffirmed how very wonderful you are. Confident people are popular people.

Need a quick escape?

Sometimes a social situation is so awkward, you wish you were still at work. Plan a "Return to the Office" call from your boss, Mr. Johnson, to bail you out of any situations that might potentially make you unpopular or uncomfortable.

We all like to be called

Regardless of the type of call you choose, sometimes it's fun to talk on the phone with anyone, even a lifelike recording. Use the Popularity Dialer to nix loneliness or to simply have fun!