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Popularitydialer FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about the popularity dialer, but were afraid to ask!

Are you selling our information to jerky people? What’s your angle?

We are absolutely NOT selling your phone numbers or doing anything evil with your information! We are ‘New Media Artists’ who are interested in investigating how technology can alter social situations.


“I noticed a disclaimer on your site that says ‘Please note, only 5 free calls may be made to a particular number because we are paying out of pocket.’ Can't you rig this up to work with a VOIP provider that allows you unlimited calls country wide for $24/mo?”

All VOIP providers restrict the number of simultaneous calls you can make to usually 1, sometimes 2, concurrent calls in their unlimited call packages. We make many more calls than this during a given time, so we would be violating the VOIP provider’s terms of service. We tried this when we were first building the project and got into a little trouble!


I didn't sign up for a call, but I got one. I don't want to be called again in the future. What should I do?

We understand that not everyone wants to be called and apologize to anyone who receives a call that they didn't plan. Please put yourself on our do-not-make-popular-list.

Enter your phone number and we'll gladly put you on the 'do not make popular' list:

ex: 2125551234


One of my friends/enemies put me on the “do-not-make-popular-list,” but I really want to be called. Can you fix it for me?

We can fix it for you. Please send a text message to from the phone you want to unblock and include your phone number in the body of the message.
Email us if you don't know how or are unable to do this.


I want more than 5 calls, what should I do?

Until we get sponsorship and registration in place, we really need to limit the calls to a particular number.
If you really want/need more than 5 calls, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.


Do you plan to bring the dialer to countries other than the US?

Yes, we hope to bring popularity to all countries around the world. A popular world is a happy world.


How did the project come about?

The idea for the Popularity Dialer was born when JennyLC was reading Erving Goffman’s, ‘The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life’ and came across the passage "Since a girl's dormitory mates will glean evidence of her popularity from the calls she receives on the phone, we can suspect that some girls will arrange for calls to be made." JennyLC thought it would be interesting and funny to create a web-to-phone service that users could use to forge popularity. Everyone thought she was nuts. Except Cory, who knows a good idea when he hears one. JennyLC and Cory joined their awesome powers and worked to make and shape the project into a reality.


Who does the voices?

We do a couple of them and our very talented and generous friends do the rest.
Here’s the cast:
1) The original popularity call – Matt Chmiel
2) The popularity call II – jennyLC
3) The affirmation call - Steven Jackson
4) The boss call - Cory
5) The cousin in need call - Xn Croft


I have an idea for a voice. What should I do?

We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at contact AT popularitydialer DOT com


Where has this project been shown/written about?

Check out our press link